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The Idea
The idea behind the program was born one Friday afternoon at the Scandinavian Tank Storage office.

The Race
The Scandinavian Race pits four teams of two against one another in a 36 hour race around Scandinavia. Each team is represented by one STS member and one from the industry.

The race is split up into a number of Legs. In each Leg there are different kinds of Road Blocks in which for an example one of the team members has to perform some kind of task before the team can continue, these tasks could include things like mind games or an activity where the contestants has to be brave. The fact that the team has to choose which member will undertake the task prior to learning the full details of it adds an extra layer of tension. The Leg might also include a 'Detour' where the team has to decide between two tasks or modes of transport which could have a massive effect on their onward journeys, as each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

At the end of each leg there is a Pit Stop in which the teams will be challenged by the other teams.

To win the race the teams has to get first to the finishing line with so little penalty minutes as possible. The penalty minutes will be added to the teams overall scoring throughout the race for failing certain tasks or getting in second to the Pit Stops. The penalty minutes will be served in real time at the end of the race.







The Teams

the Orange teamthe BlackRed teamthe Blue teamthe Green team